Whether your organization needs outside veterinary support, euthanasia program oversight, is hiring its first shelter veterinarian, is developing a public vaccination/sterilization program, or is making the leap to the future of animal welfare- a full public veterinary practice- AWMS can help.  Our staff and consultants have created, crafted and implemented all aspects of veterinary services, programs, and management within a non-profit setting and we can help you achieve success swiftly, minimize expense and maximize return on investment.

Veterinary services offer your organization the opportunity to support your mission in a way that makes a real difference in the lives of the animals you care for and in your financial success.  Your non-profit public veterinary practice can allow you to offer adoption health guarantees, 100% pre-adoption sterilization, full veterinary care for your sheltered population, targeted at risk programs for your community, and full service health care for your adopters, donors and supporters.  Why send your hard earned charitable dollars out the door when you can use them to far greater effect in your own facility using your own veterinarians?

AWMS can help you with all your practice creation, design, growth and management needs.  If you’d like more information on AWMS veterinary management service offerings, contact us today.