Often the difference between good programs, services and personnel and great programs, services and personnel simply comes down to management.  Whether it is a startup facility, a new program or initiative, or a staff transition, there are times when having an experienced manager or fresh, outsider’s view can ensure successful implementation and effectiveness.

AWMS provides facilities, operations, and program evaluations for organizations seeking an outside- but highly experienced- perspective.  Our staff and consulting team provide program, facility, governance, or feasibility assessments for organizations of all types, ranging from private to public, governmental, or hybrid service models.

AWMS also offers expert managers with wide and extensive experience on all aspects of organizational management to help you accomplish your organization’s goals.  Whether it is for short term coverage for a staff vacancy or facility start up, a lengthier support for the implementation of a new program or service, or even a long term contract placement to give you the professional support you require, AWMS can help.

AWMS management and operations consultants can provide evaluation of or support for personnel management, daily operations, customer services, program implementation, public relations, veterinary services, euthanasia management, fundraising, capital construction oversight, and all other aspects of operations.  AWMS provides everything from a helping hand to full management services of entire organizations; from executive leadership to low or mid-level management. No matter the project or need, AWMS professional support can point you in the right direction, get you started, or help train your staff and volunteers.

Best of all, AWMS is here to deliver the service you need and just the service you need, without up selling or smoke and mirrors.  Before you make a decision to staff or program beyond your needs or means or to expect too much of the staff you have, speak to AWMS about how we can help.