Animal Welfare Management Services believes that the future of animal welfare lies in the expansion of public, non-profit veterinary services.  Unlike the human health care system, which is dominated by non-profit and charitable hospitals and insurance providers, only small handful of the 30,000 or more veterinary hospitals in the United States are operated by non-profit charities.  But that is rapidly changing.

Public practices offer non-profit organizations a whole new pallet of services and opportunities to help animals and their people in a way that is affordable for the organization, the consumers, and great for the bottom line.  But it’s not as easy as hiring a vet and opening the doors.  A great veterinary practice requires facilities and operational design and planning to ensure both success and the quality the public and veterinary standards require.  AWMS can provide those design services and help you to create your community’s newest and highest quality animal hospital.

Whether you are seeking to create a high volume sterilization clinic, offer low cost services to an underserved community, provide adoption follow-up services, or open a full service, public hospital, AWMS can help.  Our staff and consultants can help you build a great facility, build a great practice and build a great reputation.  High quality, accredited, non-profit animal hospitals make a very real difference in the lives of animals and the success of organizations.  AWMS wants to help you achieve that success.  Contact us for more information on our practice planning, management and design services today.