While euthanasia is something everyone in animal welfare works to prevent at all costs, when it must be performed it should be by the most qualified and experienced of staff.  That is why AWMS offers training and support services for animal welfare professionals responsible for euthanasia at their organizations. AWMS expert trainers and managers offer two levels of Euthanasia By Injection (EBI) training*, as well as Euthanasia Decision Matrix Protocols facilitation.  For shelters lacking appropriate veterinary support, AWMS veterinary staff and consultants also provide full EBI program oversight services.

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EBI isn’t just about technique; it’s about making the appropriate decision to euthanize in the first place.  Increasingly, organizations are finding new ways to save more lives but when a decision to euthanize is made, it must be made in line with the standards of the organization and which reflect the consensus of staff, board and the community.  A Euthanasia Decision Matrix Protocol Facilitation will help all your constituents reach a common ground on acceptable euthanasia decision making, document that common ground, and ensure that community standards are being met.  A particular emphasis is placed on appropriate documentation, reporting, and building trust between those with the difficult job of making and carrying our euthanasia decisions and those charged with ensuring those decisions represent the best interests and intentions of your board, volunteer, and donor community.  Asilomar reporting is also reviewed and incorporated, if appropriate. Contact AWMS for more information about any of these Euthanasia By Injection services.