The face of animal control is changing and the one size fits all programs of the past are giving way to a wide variety of new services and options.  However,  the need to provide high quality care for animals and a high level accountability to those paying for the service remains.  With decades of experience operating non-profit and municipal animal control facilities and programs, AWMS staff and consultants know what it takes to create and deliver high quality, affordable animal control and stray housing services.

Whether your municipality is seeking a stray housing facility, is creating its own animal control facility or program, are forming a partnership with a non-profit group, or you are a non-profit group seeking to create or expand an animal control program, AWMS can assist and help you avoid costly missteps.  AWMS can help with facility design, program development, standard operating procedures, equipment procurement, and personnel management.

The changing landscape of animal control offers municipalities and non-profits opportunities to expand service and to cut costs.  Contact AWMS today to learn how we can help your organization.