Euthanasia by Injection (EBI) 101

This two day, 14 hour course reviews current industry standard techniques and drugs, and reviews their effect on animals. The course reviews anesthetics, DEA scheduled drugs, anatomy, verification of death, and personnel safety. Appropriate techniques and anesthesia for different species are covered, as well as approaches for handling feral, fractious or aggressive animals.  A hands-on, practical portion of the training will provide the opportunity to perform intravenous, intraperitoneal, and intracardiac injections, as well as demonstrate gentle and humane restraint methods. Particular emphasis is given to issues surrounding compassion stress and their impact on workers and the organization.  This course is presented by Master Euthanasia Trainers with decades of experience in the practice of EBI and staff EBI training.  Upon successful evaluation, participants receive a certificate of completion verifying their training at an introductory level of EBI.  This training is offered in partnership with HSUS and has been approved by the PA Veterinary Board.


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2018 DATES 

January 25 & 26, 2018
Humane League of Lancaster County
2195 Lincoln Highway E., Lancaster, PA 17602

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